One Week Social Media Detox

The main intention to take a break was because I did not like how much time I spent on my phone. It honestly got exhausting being so attached to my phone, especially when it came to social media. I was craving a “retreat”. I’ve already put timers on all my apps, but I still found myself reaching for my phone more that I wanted. I am sharing the steps on how I did the detox, what I learned from taking a break / the benefits, and why social media is great if used with the right mindset.

It’s very important for us to be conscious about what we feed our minds. Social media can have its negative affects if we go down those rabbit holes. It’s an easy place to ignite comparison. Models, celebrities, extravagant anything / Body image, finance, materialism. Jealousy and insecurity. Politics and drama. There is a lot of things that can come up when scrolling through images, and it’s easy to become disconnected from your present moment. I’m sure we have all felt something like this one way or another. There has definitely been times where I’ve had to shake thoughts out of my head after scrolling. Because hello?! What is great in front of me and what is an illusion in my mind?

This is my first week long detox and it was obvious how much I needed it on the first day. I would pick up my phone and swipe to where the apps used to be (yikes). I then would want to look at my favorite shopping apps to scroll so I could see new stuff (extra yikes). I awakened to how this detox was going to be challenging and worth it. Here is the steps I took:

Going into the detox:

~ Journal your goals and intentions.

-write about things that challenge you about social media/something you want

to release (ex:comparison)

-write about all the things you are grateful for you In your life

and your current reality

- write about things you want to do with your time that you will

gain back off the screen

~ Get anything you need off of the apps prior to deleting.

- For example I had to get photos for a friends party off Facebook

and I made sure to do it all prior to the detox.

-Respond to messages with clients and get their email if you do not have it so you can continue the communication you need to.

The Detox (is quite simple):

-delete apps!

- sign out on all computer and iPads so you do not continue to get notifications

- delete any other apps that will turn into your screen addiction (shopping apps and pintrest had to be deleted off my phone at this time)

- I even decided to purposefully leave my phone in opportunities where I could.

It felt so freeing.

Now let’s talk about the BENEFITS! (My favorite part):

-I had SO much more time in every part of my day

-Instead of picking up my phone, I picked up books.

-I love writing and always want to write more…. and wow did that happen!

-I dreamt more. Especially day dreaming, which I find inspiring and motivating.

-Being much more present, I saw so much more of smaller beauties in the mundane. Which is lifting and inspiring.

-I felt much more “awake” every day.

-Self care routine became realigned.

-Fomo no ‘mo —- had zero anxiousness about missing out on anything. My only concern was my reality.

*Presence was real, y’all. With my dogs, with people around me, with my every day surroundings, with my thoughts and my goals, and especially my needs. I found more of an appreciation for everything around me, because I had the time and clear mind in order to focus on my life.

Before the detox I had already been working on curating the accounts that inspire me and make me feel good. I unfollowed models, and followed more art and healthy food accounts. I seek accounts that write and show truth. I absolutely love following inspiring real people. There really is SO much inspiration on instagram. At the end of the day I truly am grateful for the opportunity social media gives people. So many of us artists are able to market ourselves through this platform, and what a blessing that is.

*It’s important for us to take breaks from anything, in order for us to create a healthy relationship with it; to find an over all a greater since of gratitude, intention, and presence*.

I will definitely be doing this again in the future!