River Road Cows

           I’ve had a number of people ask me what’s the meaning behind my cow paintings. These cows aren’t just any cows…


          When I lived in Columbus, everyday I would drive up and down River Road to my parent’s house at Lake Harding.  People would always, and still do say, “How can you do this drive everyday?” and “Does your dad really do this drive everyday to work?” Yes, we do. And to me, this drive is one of my favorite parts about home. Driving up and down it multiple times a day, it’s always different every time. Everything is always changing, from time to seasons to weather, but especially, through my eyes its in the lighting. The colors. The experience. The moment that exists right there, that will never exist again. It’s the beauty of transience and the life that it holds.

 These cows especially capture my attention through the winding road. Driving past them at all different hours of the day, being taken by the evolution of the way the light reflects and absorbs on the field and on the cows. Admiring the colors that are glimmering in that moment. Catching them in different areas of the field throughout the day. From feeding time, to hiding in the shade from the blazing Georgia summer sun. Grazing the field. Getting into the creek. Seeing the evolution of life happen in those fields. Seeing a newborn grow over weeks, months, and even years, It’s constantly changing.

          There’s such beauty in this transience. I drive past the field with the moment only lasting for 30 seconds but they have such an impact on me. It is so captivating in the life that it holds. Driving past as the sun is rising, I see the sun blaze through the trees as the sun emits light onto the grass, creating elongated shadows of the subjects across the open space. Catching a glimpse of the field and cows on foggy mornings, barely being able to make out the forms and the space that I know is there, but is completely blurred.  Watching the sunset as I'm driving, and the colors evolving through the sky and how it is affecting the scenery. The repercussion colors that take place in the sky after the sun is below the horizon, and how those colors reflect on everything the light touches. The position of the sun, the time of day, the weather, all affect the atmosphere of the field and cows. It’s always different. Always evolving. 

           My paintings evolve around the evanescence of time and the uniqueness of short- lived experiences and moments. They are an opportunity to visually take in the unacknowledged, yet distinguishable, beauty of entity. These cows and the field they roam have always been and will continue to be an inspiration to me. This particular scene opens my eyes in so many ways, every time I pass them on River Road.

           I can’t wait to show you the new round of paintings I have been working on! New cow paintings are available on my online shop!