Humming bird painting release--- LIVE show! (Online and in Columbus GA)

I've decided for the realease of humming bird paintings it would be fun to have a 'live' show! By live, I mean the paintings will go up for sale online and I will be showing the paintings in person. I am going to be showing the paintings in Columbus GA (Bibb City Studios) Wednesday, March 23rd, from 11:00am to 7:00pm. The paintings will go up online at these same times (making them available for you out-of-towners, and people who can not make it to the show in person). Paintings that sell online/in person will be mark sold on my website and in the show room. If you do buy a painting online, your painting will ship the following day. If you buy in person, you will take the painting home with you. For the people who live in Columbus, I will be doing a live hummingbird painting on site of the show, so you will be able to see the action behind the work! 

The new humming bird paintings range from 10x10 bird studies, all the way up to 30x40 hummingbird gardens. I will also be realeasing 12x16 prints of "Flying Color" and stationary, which will be available online and at the show. 

Online shop:
Columbus GA show location: Bibb City Studios
3718 2nd Ave. 
Columbus GA 31904