Along side of creating my own work, I love to do commission paintings for clients. Here is a look at what I offer size and price wise for landscape paintings. All of my paintings are oil paint on canvas. The prices listed include cost for shipping in the US. If you live outside the US, email me and we can work on a shipping quote for you! Also, if you would like to see images of paintings I have done, please visit my archive! 

The way payment works is you will pay 50% of the price to book/start the commission. The other 50% will be paid once you have seen an image of the painting and it is ready to ship. Some people prefer to make one payment in full, which is also acceptable when booking the commission. Payment is accepted via paypal or venmo. 

If you see a size/price that looks good to you, email me at and we will get your painting rolling!


((note: all pricing includes shipping for sizes 16x16 - 30x40))

16x16- $650

14x18- $650

16x20- $800

18x18- $800

18x24- $900

24x24- $950

22x28- $1,000

24x36- $1,200

30x30- $1,200

30x40- $1,400


(note all pricing for larger sizes below does not include shipping/delivery charges) 

36x36- $1,600

36x48- $1,900

48x48- $2,200

36x60- $2,200

36x72- $2,300

48x60- $2,300

48x72- $2, 500

60x60- $2, 500

60x72- $2, 700


If you do not see a size listed that you are thinking, email me and we can talk further! 

Thank you!