- New Landscape Paintings -

Creating this series felt so natural and meditative. I spent alot of time outdoors, and even when indoors being surrounded by so many landscapes gave me the feeling of being outside. That is one thing I think is so nice about landscape paintings is they bring nature’s feeling into a home. Landscape paintings are a window to your favorite place or a scene that brings you peace.

- Abstracts -

“The intention with this new series is to strike conversation and emotion. It has been so much fun creating, and even more fun when studio visitors come in and we talk about the new body of work. Everyone sees something different, or maybe some people see the same thing. It almost becomes a game of personal narrativite. Each painting holds a unique personality, and I hope will speak to an individual in a personal way.”

— Mason Jars —

“With this series, I naturally gravitated to more subtle color. Paintings mason jars reminds me of looking at and appreciating the beauty in a simple experience. I think lighter tones illustrate the quaintness and grace that exists in mundane moments.“


mural marson jar.jpg
New Mason Jar - Buttery Yellow Blue.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 6.21.14 AM.png
Baby mason jar.jpg
Mason jar line.jpg
unnamed (4).jpg



It is always feels so good to see where paintings find their new homes.  

Stacy Abstract Install.jpg
Becca Ott girls room.jpg
Cow over bed.jpg
Sheepover fire place.jpg

Abstract Series


“I love these paintings because each one holds its own unique personality. My process with these paintings is creating a large painting and then cutting my favorite parts, creating a smaller painting by zooming in. There is so many layers, the small size makes it fun to step up face to face with it and observe all the details.” -Katie


unnamed (6).jpg
unnamed (5).jpg